First Timer FAQs

Have A Question About Using Our Services For The First Time?

Check our list for your question.  If you don’t find it, give us a call at 724-327-PAWS! (7297)

It's difficult to leave your furry friends behind when you have to go away. In some ways, leaving your pet is even harder than leaving your children! You expect your children to grow up and be away from you, but not your pets! Our staff will do everything to make your pet's stay a happy one. If you are still nervous about boarding, please stop in for a tour and see where your pet will be staying.

It isn't necessary, but if your pet has never been to a boarding facility, a day or two of daycare isn't a bad idea.  This way, your pet can meet our staff and get used to the sights and smells here. It will also familiarize your pet to our daily routine.  Also, by bringing your pet in for a daycare day or two, your pet will know you will be back.

You can REQUEST a service on online, but we need to follow up with you to CONFIRM your request. 

This is to make sure that we have the most up to date vet records and we have availability. 

   - This is especially important during busy seasons or with little advance notice. 

When you make a request we will respond to you via Text, Email or Telephone. 

   - Depending on the request, you may need to respond back to us as well. 

Please remember, our system requires you place a deposit to hold a boarding, grooming or vet appointment. 

If you don't hear back from us in advance, please call to follow up.  

Fecal testing is typically a standard part of your pet's annual exam.

  • Yearly testing helps prevent spread of intestinal parasites – protecting other pets and our staff
  • Testing identifies pets that have parasites, but don’t show symptoms 
  • Pets that have intestinal parasites have lower resistance to infection making them more likely to contract and spread illness

Get medication from your Vet to treat your pet.

   - Then have another fecal test performed after the recommended time has passed to make sure the treatment was successful.

1) Walkers is able to board your pet before you are able to retest to determine if the treatment was successful.

   - There will be an additional charge for “Fecal Isolation” and there may be med admin charges if you pet is still undergoing treatment.

   - Your pet will need to stay in “Fecal Isolation” until a fecal test comes back negative, so your pet doesn’t pass parasites along to our staff other pets.

2) Your other option would be to go to another boarding facility.

   - Ethically, you should inform them of your pet's condition even though they may not ask.

Walkers strongly recommends conducting a fecal test well in advance, so you can avoid either of the above options. 

You SHOULD worry about your pet getting away when taking them to and from your car.  When you arrive, please make sure your pet in ON LEASH or in a carrier, since our parking lot is adjacent to the road, and we do not want anyone slipping away. Even if your pet is extremely well-trained, sounds from the road could spook them.

Once your pet is inside, your pet is secure.  Come in and see how many gates, doors, fences and other systems we use to make sure our guests only leave with their people.

You can if you want to.  We recommend only 1 or 2 chew toys. We try to give everything back but don't bring anything you would be heartbroken to lose. We do NOT accept rope toys.

We provide appropriate bedding for all of our guests.  We do not accept bedding from home for sanitary and logistical reasons - not all bedding will fit in our washers and we launder bedding daily.  Also, it is hard to keep track of whose bed is whose, when they all look alike.

Your pet’s first stay will take a little more time.  We will need to take a picture of your pet for our record keeping, and we will also weigh your pet.  We will go over feeding instructions, medication instructions (if necessary) and any other services you may request. Please allow 15-20 minutes for the initial check in, as there may also be forms to be filled out.

There are a few things that can speed up the drop off process:

- Please complete all appropriate forms in advance and make sure your veterinarian has faxed over all required vaccinations and examination results
- Be prepared with answers to our check in questions.
- Drop off earlier to allow additional time for check in.

Absolutely! If you call after regular business hours, the kennel staff may not hear the phone ringing, but please leave a message and we will call you back with an update on your pet.

Payment is due at the time of pick up - we will itemize all charges on invoice.  Picking up before 10:00 AM Monday-Saturday saves a day. Our staff will review your pet's door card with you to let you know all about your pet's stay. We try return all belongings, but please check to make sure you actually received everything. Sometimes an item gets hidden under some bedding or is in the wash.

Staff reviews door cards with you to let you know who your dog played with, how well they ate, and other important information from their stay. Unfortunately, dogs can't tell you directly if they had a good time and people tend to read in it what they will.  My dog is happy to see me, that must mean that he can't wait to get out of here.  Or my dog is happy to see me that means that he loved his stay.  The real test is how you pet reacts when you bring them in.  We like to see our guests happy coming in and happy going home.  We are often told how dogs pull to come in and many of them head straight for the door to the boarding area.

Your pet will be pretty tired for 24-48 hours after their stay, and will probably only want to lounge around. This is perfectly normal since they had a lot of activity and stimulation during their stay. They should return to normal after a day or two, however, if they seem to be lethargic 3 or 4 days after their stay, please give us a call.  Also, do not give them food or water right away when you get home.  They may need an hour or two to settle down, and if they eat or drink right away they may have an upset tummy.

What's Updog?  Nuthin!  What's up with you, dawg?