Pet Taxi Service

When pets need to go places and their people can’t take them,
Walkers Pet HoTail can help!

We offer a Pet Taxi Service designed to assist owners bring their pet to and from Walkers Pet HoTail.

The Pet Taxi Service is only available on weekdays.
Reservation requests for the Pet Taxi must be made by noon AT LEAST TWO DAYS before service is required.
  There is limited Space / Availability, so the Pet Taxi operates on a first come / first served basis. 

Pet Transportation can be requested with less than 2 day notice but availability is not guaranteed.  Additional costs will apply.

All Pet Taxi requests must be confirmed. Payment is due in full at the time the reservation is confirmed.
Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance forfeit payment.

Transportation Fee Schedule:

Pet Taxi:
The Fee is $15 each way (to and from Walkers) plus a $1 charge for each mile over 5 miles, plus tolls where applicable. 

We use the fastest route in Google Maps to calculate total mileage from Walkers, to your location and back to Walkers for each leg of the trip.

Example:  Bringing a dog to Walkers from a home located 8 miles away.

  • Base Cost:                $15
  • Total Mileage:            16
  • Base Miles                   5
  • Mileage Cost:           $11
  • Trip Cost:                $26

Bringing the dog home from Walkers would cost an additional $26.

Short Notice Trips:

  • The base cost for trips scheduled less than 2 days in advance is $30
  • The base cost for trips scheduled the same day is $50
  • Mileage rates are the same.

Transportation Waiting Time Fee Schedule:

We expect you to have your pet ready to emBark or disemBark on time for their trip

At Pick UpIf a pet isn’t ready after the first 10 minutes from the arrival time there will a Late Fee of $25 and either:

  1. The driver can continue to wait at rate of $25 for each additional 10 minute period
    • The late fee will still be charged and the driver must agree to wait.
  2. The driver can choose to leave without transporting your pet to Walkers.
    • There will still be a transportation fee including waiting time and the deposit for any scheduled services would be forfeit


At Drop Off – We need to make sure that your pet is safe.  If no one is available to receive your pet, there will be a $25 Late Fee.  
The driver will attempt to call and either:

  1. The call is NOT answered: 
    • The driver will wait 10 minutes past arrival time then leave to transport the pet back to Walkers  
      • There will be a $25 waiting time fee plus the late fee on top of the transportation fee
      • There will also be the costs for any additional daycare or boarding services incurred upon the pet’s return to Walkers
  2. The call is answered:
    • The driver agrees to wait for someone to arrive by a specified time
      • A credit card is provided to Walkers to cover additional fees
      • The waiting fee will be $25 for each additional 10 minute period after the arrival time in addition to the Late Fee.
    • If no one arrives by the specified time the driver will leave and transport the pet back to Walkers
      • There will be a charge for waiting the specified time and a late fee in addition to the transportation fee
      • There will also be the costs for any additional daycare or boarding services incurred upon the pet’s return to Walkers


Off-Site Vet Transportation Fee Schedule:

We recognize that waiting times may vary based on vet availability for the pet’s needs. 
Personnel from Walkers may need to stay with a pet if their people aren’t available.

The above fee schedules apply for transporting pets and staying with them at the vet practice for up to 10 minutes. 
There will be an additional $25 fee for transportation taking place on weekends or outside of Walkers business hours.

If Walkers personnel are present at the vet practice after the first 10 minutes from arrival time, they can decide to either:

  1. Stay with the pet
    • At a rate of $100 for each subsequent hour
  2. Leave the pet in the care of the vet and go back later to pick up pet to return to Walkers.
    • Per the above fee schedules


Payment of Fees

Walkers is not responsible for paying vet bills.  Pet owners are required to pay vet costs directly.  If circumstances require Walkers to pay any bills, the owner will be responsible for reimbursing Walkers for the entire amount of the bill plus a 10% surcharge at checkout.



In the event of inclement weather, the Pet Taxi will follow the Franklin Regional School District delays and/or closings for the Murrysville location and the East Allegheny School District delays and/or closings for the North Versailles location.

For complete details, please call 724-327-PAWS (7297)

Effective: 5/19/23