Doggie Daycare FAQs

Have A Question About Our Doggie Daycare?

Check our list for your question.  If you don’t find it, give us a call at 724-327-PAWS! (7297)

You don't need to wait at all. 

We evaluate what type of daycare setting is best for your dog - not whether they can stay with us.

When you pick your dog up we will let you know how they played with others and how we can customize their Daycare Experience.



The first day your pup comes to play, we ask you to bring him/her in between 7am and 9am, Monday through  Friday. That way your pup will be among the first in daycare, and we will be able to introduce them to their new friends as they arrive. We are looking for a variety of things when we evaluate your pup. These include, but are not limited to sharing toys and water with others, listening to basic commands, responding to other dogs’ behavioral cues, and boundaries.

Absolutely not a bad dog!!

Highly active dogs often do not do well in large group settings. These groups can have a lot going on, causing a dog to become overstimulated.

This can create ‘referee’ type behaviors, where dogs will put others in their place. Consequently, this can cause another dog to become upset, defensive and possibly cause a fight.

That is what is so awesome about our customization! We can offer very structured, small group play. This way we can have high intensity playgroups, where the dogs still burn their energy, but they don’t get overly stimulated.

We do not want to force any dog to be in an environment that sets them up to fail. We do want them to burn energy and socialize with others. The staff will always let you know how your pet does, so that you can work on behaviors at home. We continually monitor our guests and if we see that a dog is learning to self-regulate and is not getting overly stimulated, we certainly will try them again in the larger group setting.

**Remember: most of our pets live in a single dog home or with one other pet. It is not a bad thing if they choose to only have one or two other friends here at Walkers. Even one-on-one socialization burns energy and teaches boundaries and limitations.

Absolutely!! Our team walks and plays with all the pets that visit our facility. They still get walks and playtimes with our team, even if they don’t care for other dogs. These walks and playtimes are great to reinforce structure while walking on leash and boundaries during playtime with their human friends.