Stay & Play

The “Stay & Play” option allows your dog to enjoy the “Play All Day” experience as part of their boarding stay.

If you think your pet would do well with “Stay & Play”, we will be happy to schedule a FREE evaluation during their stay to make sure they are:

All dogs must be spayed / neutered if they are over 6 months old to be eligible for Stay & Play.

With the “Stay & Play” option, your pet receives a bathroom break first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  After breakfast, your pet will be moved to the “Play All Day” daycare area.  This is a larger supervised playgroup setting, where the dogs have unlimited inside / outside access, as they like. After a good day of play, your pet returns to his suite for dinner, and a last walk before being tucked in for the night.

This option is especially good for dogs that are very social and that can pace themselves. We have cots for resting if your pet needs a little break.

Even if “Play & Stay” isn’t the right fit just yet for your pet, he or she will still get walks and small group or individual play times.

“Stay & Play” is offered Monday through Friday. This option is an additional $10 each time you schedule it.

We do not schedule “Stay & Play” on the first or last day of your pet’s stay.

Stay and Play With Your Buddies