Puppy Parties

Prior to COVID, Walkers Pet HoTail held FREE puppy parties for dogs under 2 years old almost every month since we opened. (We hold special events in October and December!)

COVID has disrupted the lives of many people and their pet – but puppies still need to meet NEW people and other puppies to become socialized.

Walkers had cancelled our Puppy Parties (for dogs under 2 years old) out of an abundance of caution due to COVID, but we have brought them back in a manner that will adhere to CDC Guidelines for COVID safety.


Here are the rules:

  • The parties are free and open to all puppies under 2-years old.  
  • Puppies over 6-months old will need to be “fixed” to attend. (Its not that type of party!)
  • Please call in advance to make a reservation for your pup and let us know in advance how many people will attend
  • Get all vet records to Walkers in advance of the party to reduce time spent checking in (and so we don’t turn anyone away at the door)
  • Leashes are required for all Dogs entering the building (Unruly humans may also be leashed!)
  • Puppy parties are held “Rain or Shine” – outside in our fenced in play yards or inside if the weather doesn’t cooperate!
  • Puppy playgroups are organized by size – so little pups aren’t overwhelmed by big ones.  
  • All Puppy Parties are supervised by our staff.


These parties help puppies socialize and build positive experiences with new friends (both human and K9) helping them learn appropriate ways to behave.

We encourage everyone, especially parents of children who are thinking about getting a new puppy,  to ask questions about what they see.  This will help them learn about the many varieties of dogs as well as the many the responsibilities of helping a puppy grow up to be a good dog.

Puppy parties are still FREE for anyone to attend.  Call Walkers at (724) 327-PAWS (7297) in advance to let us know if you are planning to attend.