Dog Boarding In North Versailles & Murrysville

Think of us as your local dog resort
A dog hotel (HoTail) - without the palm trees!

Either way we're more than just a typical kennel.

Dog Boarding that is more like an “All-Inclusive” vacation 

Walks and Playtimes are included with every stay. 

While you’re away, your dog will enjoy many walks and playtimes each day.

Walks: At Walkers Pet HoTail, we believe outdoor one-on-one walks with our staff are essential. These walks maintain your dog’s schedule, reinforce their training and provide needed socialization and contact with humans. The dogs are walked until they have eliminated.

Playtime: Daily playtimes under the watchful eyes of professional dog lovers are included with every stay. All of the furry friends are closely supervised while they romp or relax with dogs of similar sizes and personalities.  They have fun and burn off energy.

Please note: The play yard is full of approved, tail-wagging pet toys. There’s no need to bring toys or bedding from home (please don’t so that nothing is lost or damaged).

Other Features:

  • Pets are housed in a climate-controlled, indoor environment.
  • Pet suites are sanitized daily.
  • The air throughout the facilities is exchanged regularly to eliminate odors and germs.
  • Delicious, high-quality meals are provided (or you may supply your pet’s favorite)
  • Safety and Security
    • We have many doors and gates throughout our facilities – so even an escape artist can’t slip out and get into trouble
    • Modern security and fire monitoring system on alert 24/7
  • Family Owned – so you don’t need to ask you family, friends or neighbors for any favors!

Boarding Accommodations – 360 Views 

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