Boarding for Dogs

Every dog staying at Walkers gets numerous Walks and Playtimes each day.

Walks:Β  At Walkers, we firmly believe that outdoor One-on-One Walks with our staff are essential for your pet.Β  These Walks maintain your dog’s schedule, reinforce their training and provided needed socialization and contact with humans.Β  The dogs are walked until they have eliminated.

Playtime: Daily sessions of human supervised Playtime, either with other dogs or individually, is included with every stay.Β Β  We limit theΒ  number of dogs in a play group and we organize the play groups by size and personality.

Please note:Β  We provide a variety of approved toys in the play yard for your pet’s amusement, and ask that you do not bring any toys or bedding from home since we do not want to be responsible for loss or damage.

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