Doggie Daycare

Instead of being home alone while you are at work, Doggie Daycare gives your pet the Companionship, Enrichment and Exercise it needs to help them stay happy and well adjusted.

Doggie Daycare helps those “High Energy” dogs burn off tension to be more manageable in the evenings.  For puppies, Doggie Daycare is a must – helping them with house-breaking and giving them plenty of socializing with other dogs and new people.  Daycare also gets older dogs moving so they have more energy when they return home.

Walkers Pet HoTail customizes daycare plans so they are appropriate for each dog’s individual needs.  Some dogs do well in larger packs while others require a more structured day with a smaller group of friends.  Our caring and professional staff get to know your pet, closely supervising their play so we can tell what is best for them and immediately spot any changes in attitude or behavior.

Whatever the plan we’ll make sure your dog has a great time and gets more than their fair share of belly rubs!

Schedule a day by giving us a call!

Daycare is offered Monday—Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM 
          Daycare Packages can save you up to 25%!

A Daycare Quote:

“Gypsy loves daycare!  What does she do at home?… Lay out on a couch and sleep.  I wish I could bring her every day!  She’s so full of life, no one believes her age!”